The Mountains of North Carolina Are Amazing To Visit

North Carolina has a number of amazing natural sites for all to explore. These include the many fascinating mountains that can be found on the western end of the state. 

The western part of North Carolina is located right in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. This is a space that is home to a large variety of mountains and some unique settlements. Many of these spots are ones that date back to times right around the Civil War when the 43rd Infantry would roam around the area. 

What Mountains Are There? 

The specific mountains to find in North Carolina are part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Mount Mitchell is one of the tallest mountains in the area with a height of 6,683 feet at its summit. Clingmans Dome, the Roan Mountain and the Grandfather Mountain are additional mountains to explore in this region. These are all spots that are more five thousand feet in elevation. 

Many of these mountains are home to some cabins that can be rented out. These do cost quite a bit to rent out though but they will be rather luxurious and will help anyone to get out to nature. 

Some mountains can only be accessed by some chair lifts. This is especially the case with far western spots like Maggie Valley. In fact, the Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park in Maggie Valley can only be accessed by such a lift. 

The Smokies Are Important 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Great Smoky Mountains make much of their way through North Carolina as well. The Smokies are known for their dense forests and varied bits of wildlife with the black bears in the region being among the most prominent animals to find out here. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway Is Popular 

One noteworthy feature of the mountains of North Carolina is the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is a noteworthy scenic road that is heralded for going around the mountains and forests of the land while passing through many fine small towns around the region. The road has been noteworthy for having a relaxed feeling to it. In fact, the road is so relaxed and calm that the speed limit is always at 45 miles per hour or less. 

Visit Asheville Too 

People can also come out to the mountains of North Carolina to visit the city of Asheville. Asheville is a noteworthy city that features a number of fine activities including some music centers, luxury restaurants and even a casino that is only about an hour’s drive from the area. 

The Biltmore Estate will especially be fascinating to visit while in Asheville. This is a large late-nineteenth century home that is known for being one of the world’s largest homes. It also has a massive garden and vineyard to tour. 

The mountains of North Carolina are among the best places for people to explore. These are great places that feature all sorts of fine natural sites worth exploring. It helps to go online to plan a trip out here and to look for promo codes for activities in the area as well as promo codes for hotels all around the mountains of North Carolina.

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Civil War Tours of North Carolina Can Be Entertaining

As one of the oldest states in the country, North Carolina offers a number of different historic sites for people to take a look at. Many of these places include sites pertaining to the Civil War. 

North Carolina had a good bit of involvement in the Civil War. Part of this came from the 43rd Infantry regiment that was prominent throughout the state during the war. 

There are many fascinating spots to take a look at when looking around the Tar Heel State with regards to the land’s history in the Civil War. These include many sites that can be exploring during Civil War tours. 

The 43rd Regiment Site 

The Camp Mangum site is a good place to visit while touring the state. This is located about four miles west of Raleigh. This is where the 43rd Infantry regiment was based out of. The camp was a critical site for military actions during the war. 

Monroe’s Cross 

Monroe’s Cross is a site located in Hoke County near Fayetteville. This was the site of one of the last battles of the war in March 1865. Nearly three hundred people died during the battle as it was deemed to be inconclusive in spite of the Union having a much larger army to work with. 

The Goldsborough Bridge 

The Goldsborough Bridge is a spot in Wayne County near Everttsville. This is a space that was critical for providing train access for the Confederacy. American forces destroyed a massive part of the bridge and its tracks out in this spot. This was done as a means of slowing down Confederate forces. This took place in the later part of 1862 and was instrumental in giving the Union a bit of an advantage in the war. 

43NC03Fort Anderson 

The Fort Anderson site is a great place for people to take a tour of as well. This fort was found in the town of Brunswick in the lower end of the North Carolina coast. This spot had been used as a fort by the CSA and was one of the last places to have been impacted by different attacks over the years. It was taken over by Union forces in 1865 near the tail end of the war. The site is particularly popular among Civil War tourists in that it is not too far off from the beaches of North Carolina. 

The Orton Plantation is not too far off from the fort site as well. This place was used as a military hospital by the Union when it had been confiscated not too long after Fort Anderson was taken over. The plantation is rather well-preserved and has been listed as a historic site that is protected by the state government so it can be toured by people for years to come. 

The Civil War sites of North Carolina are interesting for all to visit. Be sure to take a look at different Civil War tour provides to find tour schedules, promo codes and other activities to use those promo codes with so you can get into a good trip to explore many spots relating to the war in the Tar Heel State.

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Look For Coupons For Use In North Carolina’s Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are home to some very fascinating spots. These include all sorts of fine beaches that are worth exploring. There are also many fine small towns located all around the Outer Banks including Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Rodanthe, Corolla and Hatteras Island.

These places offer some fine shops, restaurants and other fun places for recreational purposes. There are also a few historic lighthouses worth visiting around the Outer Banks region. Of course, there is also the famous Wright Brothers memorial in Kitty Hawk. This is located not too far from the site where the brothers made their famous test flight in 1903.

This is a fine spot to explore but it’s even better to find some attractive discounts while in this space. It is not too hard to find promo codes, coupons and other special deals out here as there are many great promo codes that are provided to people by businesses all around the region that want to highlight their products and services to tourists.

There are many ways how people can get different coupons for use while in the Outer Banks:

• It helps to visit Savingista to get information on promo codes and other deals that are available for different retailers in and around the Outer Banks.
• Always check individual websites for different retailers and dining spots around the Outer Banks to find information on different discounts that these spots have to offer.
• It also helps to look for coupon books. A number of shops and other places of interest will offer different coupons for people to benefit from. These books can also be found in hotels all around the region.

NC shop

The coupons and promo codes that people can get will include many fine discounts for all to benefit from:

• Many of these coupons will provide people with free gifts at all sorts of places. These include free shirts at some of the many popular restaurants scattered around the Outer Banks.
• Some special food coupons at these restaurants may also be offered. These special food coupons can be attractive in that these will be good for many discounts at authentic seafood restaurants.
• Some shops around the region will also provide you with coupons for special discounts on all sorts of fine local souvenirs. These include products like kites, chocolate products, peanuts and many other items that are made within North Carolina.

The extensive variety of options for people to find when it comes to different coupons in the Outer Banks is rather impressive. What’s more is that the variety will always change as the Outer Banks is always a popular site for people to visit when it comes to touring different spaces all around the state.

The coupons that people can use today when heading out to the Outer Banks of North Carolina are among the best deals for people to take advantage of. These coupons will provide customers with a number of fine deals that all can enjoy working with.

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